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Tile separation wax:

In the packaging of ceramic tiles, there is the risk that the top, decorated side could be scratched by the rough backing. To prevent this during transportation, BADRINAS has developed a wax hot-melt designed to separate the tiles inside the carton, preventing the damage. This hot-melt is easily removable, leaving no stains after the installation of the tiles.
Besides, the packaging process of the ceramic or porcelain tiles has some particular features that require special adhesives due to the temperatures and machine speeds at which the gluing occurs. For further information, check the hot-melt adhesives for packaging section.

Urea-formaldehyde adhesives in powder:

Powder FORMOPOL adhesives are a mixture of Urea-formaldehyde resins, additives and hardeners that result into fast and strong bindings, with high resistance to water and temperature.
The powder is dissolved in water, usually 100 parts of powder for 50-60 parts of water, to obtain a ready to use liquid adhesive. It has a limited pot life and must be used in a few hours.

HM-D Cleaner:

Special non-flammable cleaner for machinery and glue pots of hot-melt adhesives. Intended for hot dip cleaning of application equipment, peeling adhesive scabs that are attached to the walls of the hot-melt tank.

Wax for yogurt banderols:

Heat-sealable hot-melt wax based on synthetic resins for thermo-adhesive paper impregnation, mainly intended for bonding banderols and labels to yogurt pots, using the system Erca-Décor, FFS, etc. It can also be used in lamination of fabrics, non-woven or aluminium/paper and as a sealant adhesive reactivated by heating.