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Hot-melts are a kind of solid adhesives which must be molten and applied by special equipment. Compared to other adhesive systems they provide fast bindings that make them the best choice for many industrial operations.

Badrinas has a different type of SEMPACOL adhesive for each application which adapts to each customer needs, depending on the material, the equipment or the environmental conditions where the adhesive will be applied.

These are the main markets or sectors of application of this type of adhesives:



SEMPACOL PLUS, the new high-performance Hot-melt range for packaging, is based on a special combination of copolymers and high-efficiency resins resulting in an important step forward compared to conventional Hot-melts. The advantages of using this Hot-melt are: less density, higher thermal stability, great versatility and excellent adhesion, excellent resistance to moisture and extreme temperatures, light colour and absence of inconveniences during application.


The new generation of Hot-melt adhesive SEMPACOL FUTURE is a new concept of Hot-melt adhesive with features that go beyond the conventional ones. This range of adhesives results in a more resistant bonding with better performances. Its excellent thermal stability results into a good appearance and its low level of odour improve the environment in the working area. This adhesive is especially designed for food packaging.


The innovative metallocene hot-melt adhesives of high performance SEMPACOL INNOVATION, solve all the problems when closing cartons/boxes: they are indicated for all kind of packaging, they have an excellent performance at hot or cold gluing and they are suitable for a wide variety of substrates. Its efficiency is about a 30% higher than conventional EVA hot-melts and its own composition results into more productivity and greater safety and hygiene at work.


Main available presentations of these Hot-Melts are the Pillows which can be thrown straight into the hot-melt tank, and the Blocks, which are protected with siliconised paper.

Pills: EVA and APAO

Pearls: EVA and APAO

PSA – Pressure sensitive adhesives: EVA, APAO and rubber.