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Other industrial applications

BADRINAS has a wide experience in glues and adhesives for the most varied industrial applications. Our expert technical service studies each case and offers the best solutions. Do not hesitate to consult your specific project to provide our expertise.
Examples of industrial applications:
- Adhesives for the manufacture or installation of isolation materials
- Adhesives for the manufacture of mattresses and spring pocketing.
- Adhesives for bonding materials in industrial processes: plugs, foams, plastics, wood, chipboard, MDF ...
- Adhesives for gluing the plastic cap on plastic containers
- Adhesives for assembly
- Adhesives for temporary unions
- Materials self-bonding


Badrinas has specific glues for diapers, sanitary pads and other absorbent products.
- Diapers, sanitary pads and absorbents: Adhesives for the manufacture of disposable absorbent materials.
- Other absorbent products: Adhesives for manufacturing absorbent materials by gluing the different layers that form it (fluff, absorbent, non woven, polyethylene ...).
- Diaper or sanitary pads manufacture: Adhesives for manufacturing diapers or sanitary pads by gluing the different layers that form it (fluff, absorbent, non woven, polyethylene ...)
- Positioning pressure sensitive adhesives: Adhesives for the positioning of diapers, sanitary or other absorbents. They are applied to the material and protected with silicone paper or plastic film which the end user removes when using it..


- Tissue paper: Adhesives for manufacture of tissue paper, toilet rolls, kitchen paper and industrial paper.
- Paper core or tube manufacture: Glues for spiral manufacture of thin kraft paper tubes to roll tissue, toilet or kitchen paper, aluminium, plastic film, etc…
- Lamination adhesive: Adhesives for dot lamination of the different layers of tissue paper in the manufacture of rolls of tissue paper, napkins, handkerchiefs, etc.
- Closing adhesive: Adhesives for the end-bonding of the roll of tissue paper, paper towels or similar.
- Pick up adhesive: Glues for the attachment of the tube or mandrel with the paper, aluminium foil, etc.