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    Badrinas has one of the most advanced laboratory specialized in adhesives. The company is a proud member of numerous technological institutes and industry associations such as:

    - ASEFCA (Association of Spanish Manufacturers of Glues and Adhesives – FEICA member)
    - AIDIMA (Technological Institute of Furniture and related products)
    - AFEMMA (Association of Spanish Manufacturers of Machinery for Woodworking and Furniture)
    - ASEFAPI (Association of Spanish Coatings Manufacturers)
    - ENVASGRAF (Association of Spanish Manufacturers of Machinery for Packaging)
    - INESCOP (Investigation Institute for the Shoes Industry)
    - ITENE (Technological Institute of Packaging and transport)

    The company works closely with the world leaders in raw material production, and our R+D+I department co-operates with them, to improve our adhesives with the latest available technologies. This results in a high capacity of development of new glues and adhesives.
    We also have a very close relationship with the manufacturers of machinery and equipment. This allows us to adapt our products so they offer the best performance in our customer’s machines and equipment.

    The company is working under ISO 9000 quality system. The systems is adapted to the ISO 9001, and it has been audited and approved by Lloyd’s Quality Assurance Register. Badrinas also has the Health Registration certificate from the local authorities.